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Check IMEI Code - Devicheck
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Perform a check on the IMEI code in the tab below
and find out if your smartphone has been locked by an operator, stolen or lost.

What’s Devicheck?

Devicheck is the only tool that allows you to buy second-hand devices in complete safety. Every year millions of smartphones all over the world are lost, stolen or locked by their operator to be then sold to unsuspecting customers. Devicheck allows you to find out if your device is authentic and safe thanks to the IMEI code check. Insert the 15-digits code and obtain a detailed report on your device in real time


Devicheck reduces the risk of being victim of fraud thanks to the preliminary verification of the validity of your IMEI code


Quick Check

IMEI code check in the home page


PDF Report

Full report on the selected IMEI code


Verify certifications

Each report has an unique authentication code

Check Repeat

Re-check an IMEI number from your history


Report History

Access your account history

Personal Account

Login to your own profile

Immediate check in world’s blacklists

The databases used by Devicheck for the check of the IMEI code are connected to the same one as police, network operators and worldwide insurance companies certified by GSMA

Devicheck Credits

There are several options available to satisfy your requirements, the more checks you perform the lower the price for each check gets.


One Check

No account




Phonup Ltd – Palladium House, 1-4 Argyll Street, London, United Kingdom, W1F 7LD – info@devicheck.com